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Florence Knoll 3 seat Sofa

     The Florence Knoll 3 seat sofa is a big sofa enough for three people to sit down ,if your house large and empty you can think about to buy one to place in it .
     Strong and sleek, the geometric form of the Florence Knoll 3 seat sofa is an elegant focal point in any modern interior. Produced in luxurious, high-quality materials, the sofa offers the utmost in seating comfort. The iconic design was featured in the popular BBC production of “The Apprentice,” adding sophistication to the setting of the program. The functional designs of the American-born Florence Knoll meet the need for practical, yet beautiful furniture. Her creations have reached an iconic design status and have been popular, sought after pieces for over half a century.
     Like so many of Florence Knoll groundbreaking designs that became the gold standard for the industry, Florence Knoll 3 seat sofa 1954 lounge collection has made its way into the pantheon of modern classics. It consists of a distinct, fully tufted, seat and back covering attached to an exposed metal frame and legs. The versatile collection includes lounge chair, settee and sofa, Ideal in both formal and informal settings.
     Use a Florence Knoll 3 seat sofa to full your house is not bad !

Florence Knoll 3 seat sofa

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