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Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Through our affiliated distribution company Shenzhen Yadea furniture Co, ltd we are pleased to offer wholesale pricing to International resellers. Ordering is simple, you can email us the order or alternatively complete the form for wholesale ordering at our internet access link (CONTACT US

Our Wholesale Terms and Conditions:
• Every Wholesale Order is subject to the same Terms and Conditions as regular orders
• There is a monthly possible minimum order.
• All Wholesale Orders are payable by wire transfer only. Paypal is possible by special   arrangement for samples.
• Wholesale Orders are Shipped by containers Only
• Possible distribution agreements can be discussed.

Our Wholesale Pricing:
We are committed to offering the highest quality products available at a keen price point. We will endeavor to match the best rates possible on the following products:
• Barcelona chair in aniline leather
• Eames lounge chair in aniline leather
• Egg chair in both aniline leather and cashmere
• Swan chair in both aniline leather and cashmere
• Florence knoll chair, loveseat and sofa in both aniline leather and cashmere
• LC2,LC3 armchair, loveseat and sofa
• Womb chair in cashmere
We are planning a downloadable pdf for our production detail, stay tuned for details!

Qualifying for a Wholesale Identification
 We will need the following in order for you to receive a trade price list:
• Your VAT registered number
• Your company name, address and number (where applicable)
• Your current turnover
• Your store address or online store website
Email us if you have questions: yadeaweb (Mr Kevin Zhao)


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