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Growth plan

Our Plans for you

We would encourage you to take our modern classic designs to an interactive exhibition or mall on the stage to allow you to show the world how good this furniture can be.  It is possible to alter people’s perceptions of reproduction furniture by showing them how it could work for them.

Web site
The local distributor will host a Web site that coordinates with the exhibition and describes the modern classic furniture business. With our assistances of all sources authorized by coordinate distributors

Digital photo Database
The Furniture Heritage Web site will include a digital database of years of furniture shots. The database, called Furniture Information Network, will provide public access to research information and encourage collection and preservation of modern furniture and authorized to be used for only cooperated distributors.

Driving Tour
The furniture sites will be described in a brochure distributed through the showroom, exhibition centers or malls. The tour will promote furniture heritage tourism and encourage preservation of buildings related to the region’s furniture business.

Custom plans
Please contact us directly if you like to have a custom distribution with your sources.

Study Collection
Eventually, Yadea will share knowledge with maintenance, common repair and home furnish plans, marketing and interior designs or technology of making furniture
Our Purpose

• To constantly increase our knowledge base and understanding of modern classic furniture to allow us to offer the best product marketed in the best possible way.

• Continually invest in order to be at the forefront of the Modern Classic furniture industry with great profitable reward.

• Make High Quality, High Design Furniture accessible and affordable to all.


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