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Where Should You to Buy Florence Knoll Sofa Reproductions in Shenzhen?

     The Florence Knoll Sofas are very popular by most of people around the world ,because they are simple but elegant .The original Florence Knoll Sofas are very expensive ,it is difficult to buy them ,but don’t worry ,you can buy the high quality Florence Knoll Sofa reproductions from China Yadea Furniture Company in Shenzhen .
     China Yadea Furniture Company is a professional manufacturer of modern classic furniture with more than 13 years’ experience .They focus on design ,production ,marketing and service of modern classic furniture .
     The Florence Koll Sofa reproductions produced by Yadea features a particularly fine selection of Italian leather or aniline leather as well as popular high quality European fabric finishes.  The quality also extends to the bits you can't see - the highest quality of high-density foam and polished stainless steel are used.  Where Yadea have to import pieces - we get components straight from Taiwan - who we have found to be the best manufacturers of these small pieces.  Our own skilled craftsmen and women undertake all of the necessary carving, polishing, cutting, stitching and finishing procedures of the production process with great accuracy and attention to detail. 
     So ,if you want to buy the Florence Knoll Sofa reproductions ,you should go to Shenzhen China Yadea .

Florence Knoll sofa

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