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Pre-sales service

Pre-sales service

It is important to us that we not only satisfy our customers’ expectations, but that we can actually exceed them. 


Even before you purchase a single one of our products, we want to ensure that we understand your needs properly in order to deliver exactly what you need.  For this reason we offer our pre-sale service – helping you to make informed and suitable product selections in terms of size, specifications and Picture of customer service dept .



» Professional communications  

We have a trained Customer service department with professional skills both 

in communications and products with International Language capabilities



» Product selector

In the product selector you are able to specify and configure the specific 

products required. Our products are designed to compete at the highest 

quality level in the market whilst still allowing generous potential profit

margins profitable for market.



» Frequently Asked Questions 
Click here for answers to your Frequently Asked Questions.




» Our cooperators
Click here for a sample list of existing blue-chip cooperators and customers




» Certifications
Click here for a list of quality and application certifications as well as 

environmental material regulations




» workshop impression

Click here for workshop shots




» Material Guide
A listing of materials of construction as a general guide to assist your options




» Logistics Services

Yadea have successfully operated in the import and export business since 

1998 and consequently we have built up some very useful sources such as 

competitively priced shipping, fast ships etc.





Please note that the warranty is avoid for any of the following conditions:
1) Improper maintenance or improper use resulting in damage.
2) Damages incurred during transportation after the delivery arranged.
3) Anything deemed by us to be abnormal wear and tear but we will give assistance where possible.


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