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Why China Yadea Can Give Youe High Quality Swan Chair Replica

     The original swan chair is the best but is expensive ,so ,many people want to buy the swan chair replica ,and also many people buy the swan chair from China Yadea ,no matter the local or the foreigners ,all of them said that Yadea’s swan chair replica is good ,you may want to ask why the China Yadea can give us high quality swan chair replica ?Let me tell you the reason .
-Swivel base in polished stainless steel or aluminum;
-High quality foam;
-With wheels or without wheels version for option;
-Premium High density CA-117 foam for long term appearance retention;
-100% Premium Aniline Italian Leather used on 100% of the chair . Not just Italian, its Aniline;
-The entire chair is Hand Sewn/Stitched;
-High quality aluminum base in chip and flake resistant Satin Finish;
-Constructed around a synthetic “dimension true” curvature fiberglass shell;
-Smooth Contour cold pressed foam body wrap provides a meticulously smooth contour for this design;
-360 degree swivel base;
-Comes complete with floor protector foot pads;  
-This highly accurate reproduction of the original Swan Chair features the finest in materials.
-The best materials are used. From the molding of the cold pressed foam around the fiberglass shell to every stitch, each of our reproduction Swan Chairs are thoughtfully crafted by hand.Aniline Leather is the premier choice. Aniline is leather that has been dyed all the way through.It has no artificial top layer of anything applied. It is soft, pliable with a texture that caresses the hand as it runs over its surface. The porous nature of aniline leather allows it to breathe which in turn makes it that much more comfortable and durable. The quality that goes into a piece of furniture ensures its longevity.
     The good material and good work team with fine workmanship must give you high quality swan chair replica .

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