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Where to buy furniture in Shenzhen?


                Living in Shenzhen, it's amazing how many locals and expats still don't know of any good furniture market in Shenzhen to shop for good quality interior design goods. Yadea's has been THE place for modern furniture shopping, and so has the area of Futian.

                Now Yadea's expanded into a huge furniture market in Shenzhen where you can find everything for your interior, from chairs over carpets to cabinets, antique to modern furniture and deco.

                If you are looking for furniture for personal use, then it's the retail section you're interested in, surf to : RETAIL

                You should visit our state of the Showroom in Futian. Many local expats know that it's the best place for all your home and deco. Also tourists on visit in Shenzhen love to acquire some furniture from the source. 

                If you are looking for purchasing large quantity's for exporting furniture and accessories out of China, then you can surf to : WHOLESALE

                Also for our visitors of the 2012 China Furniture Fair in Shanghai, you can find more info

                In any case if you want to buy furniture in Shenzhen, then you must pass by our furniture store in Shenzhen.

                Yadea is the furniture market that is more enjoyable.We're looking forward to seeing you!


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