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Where can i buy a replica Eames Lounge chair for a reasonable price?


Where can i buy a replica Eames Lounge chair for a reasonable price? If you've been looking on the internet for a reasonable priced replica Eames Lounge chair and Ottoman. The prices differ a lot, even the replica's/ knock offs. And you can not afford to buy a genuine Vitra/Miller version and are therefore looking to buy a replica Eames Lounge chair.


Its not a problem now, because i have a website for me where to buy a lounge chair pretty cheap that would really appreciate it. The website is :


This company Yadea that have 13 years of replica Eames Lounge Chair production experience. Direct purchase of replica Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman from Yadea factory, there are price is very Competitive with others manufacturer and the quality is also very good.


I have purchased replica eames lounge chair and ottoman from there 2 years ago , and they carry the Nuevo (Canadian Manufacturer) version which looks very similar to the original design and is actually great quality for a knock off.


By the way, the following is replica Eames Lounge chair that i was bought.


 replica Eames Lounge chair


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