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Relax in style - The Walnut Eames Lounge Chair


60 years since it was launched in 1956, the Walnut Eames lounge chair is here to stay. Considered one of the most significant furniture designs of the 20th century, this beautiful timeless chair seems to have it all: the style, the look and the luxurious comfort. 

As someone who loves modern design, this is one of my favorite pieces. I really like how different homeowners choose different staging for it in their houses.

Here are some of my favorites Walnut Eames Lounge Chair:  


Walnut Eames Lounge Chair


The Walnut Eames Lounge Chair and matching ottoman looks simply stunning with the Herman Miller Walnut Wood frame and copper leather. Now I understand why the 
Walnut Eames Lounge Chair feels so good — it’s hopelessly handmade.


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