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Modern Furniture or Classic Furniture for Your Modern Home

There are several points of differences between the classic furniture and modern furniture. Actually it is not hard to differentiate the too because by merely looking at them you can already pin point the difference.

     The first difference between the two is the size. Classic furniture is the best furniture for those mansion or big houses. They are the appropriate furnishings for those big rooms. As you use a classic chair you will notice that two people can seat comfortably in a classic chair.

     Aside from that classic furniture is made from solid wood, heavy and big. Most of the time, the wood that they use for classic furniture are dark. The cushion that they use is usually stuffed with horsehair or cotton. Silk and cotton fabrics were used for classic furniture.

     In contrast of classic furniture, modern furniture is light. It is made from variety of materials. The most popular of then all is the wrought iron. Pine woods are also the materials being used when making contemporary furniture. This furniture is made from light colored woods.

     The two kinds of furniture differ when it comes in materials used. Contemporary furniture strengthened plastic and glass. Now plastic chairs are commonly used in different places. There is also a widespread use of plastic and glass in making modern furniture. There are some manufacturers who produce furniture that is made from plastic but with light wood color to make it appear like wood.

     Modern furniture is also made from variety of fabrics. Manufacturer usually use polyesters and other man made fabrics. It become obsolete and outdated the use of silk, cotton and other heavy materials. Another change when it comes with modern furniture is the color. With the wrought iron it has dull grey, blue or black, and when it comes to wood it is usually light color wood.

     In addition to these, the design of fabrics has change vastly. From demure motifs of flowers, flowers and birds the design has change to zebra stripes.

     Modern furniture is bright and light than the classic furniture. It is easy to maintain this furniture because there are also available fabric cleaner, polishers and stain remover to make the furniture looking new.

     And because of the different features of modern furniture, it is more convenient and easily fit a smaller home. They are available in different designs that will, surely fit any modern home.

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