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How interesting the modern furniture is


Furniture and daily life, the relationship reflects the state of the way of human existence, and the  ideas of different peoples in different periods of aesthetic tastes, carrying different customs and religious faiths. In modern society, the popular culture has become an indispensable part of life. It’s entertainment and leisure are restricting people's way of thinking and behavior. The furniture of new aesthetic tastes feature humor, wit, or even grotesque is being accepted today. Also they create interaction between people with the more spiritual emotion. Beside the basic functional requirements, It is important that modern furniture design need to meet the consumer’s psychological aesthetic demands of seeking new , strange, and interesting visions.


Modern furniture design tends to be more humane, paying attention to human beings’ emotions. Furniture design reveals interesting tendency, it is by the general public aesthetic taste, the result of the influence of popular culture, and the concept of meter rethinking from the designers, who skillfully integrated into a fine choice for the art form of popular culture to bring people with more joy and surprise. Modern furniture provided interesting Counter with the following expressions:


1. Material Selection


Modern furniture comes from the creative use of new materials, which leads the precursor form of development of new products. The development of new materials provide ample options for modern furniture design. The designers are taking advantage of the texture characteristics of various materials to design so that we can get different styles of the ever-changing artistic effects.


2. The Use of Colors


People is mostly likely to feel the beauty of the colors. The colors, as a primary visual language, feature a strong visual impact. Bright colors furniture of fresh pleasant, likable design with lively contrasting colors reminds people with the memory of childhood. Ample styles of modern furniture, because the insertion of some of the bright colors shows vivid looking, which is the key point in the essential furniture. Such as different fresh brilliant display of colors with furniture, transparent material is the color group changes according to the changing of light. From a variety of colors that people can enjoy the color changes in the joy of a different mix.


3. Design


The design with full of intimacy and fun sense, can lead to consumer’s goodwill or curiosity. In the modeling, the use of abstract, hyperbole, metaphor, symbolism and other techniques, through the image of personification, bionic, and other popular cartoon, by using simple and bright artistic style, personality, will enhance the attractiveness of furniture. For Example, the bionic design furniture through natural biology partially or in whole, they have a strange new different shapes, such as flower-shaped sofa, spider-shaped desks, red lip sofa, giving a strong visual impact.

Red Lip Sofa

4. Functional Structure


Multi-function products is able to meet a variety of needs from the users, meanwhile they inflict a psychological enjoyable experience to give pleasure and fun during the usage. Such as the creation of modular furniture is a multi-functional form. Coupled with ingenious modular design then it will be able to express some certain interests. It makes furniture design more integrated into people's participation, enhancing the interaction and communication.


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