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The best-selling color for sofas


The proportion of gray sofas in home cases is estimated to be higher than 50%. It can be said that it is a versatile choice with almost no mistakes. It's neutral, it's fickle, and not aggressive. If you can't choose the color, you can choose gray. If you feel too dull, you can decorate it with brightly colored pillows, vases, lamps, etc.


The proportion of blue fabric sofas is also relatively high, and it appears in American, modern, and Nordic style works. Generally, it is blue with relatively low saturation, with a little gray. Compared with gray, the personality should be brighter. With a gray background, it can better reflect the charm of the main character.

3. Coffee color

Brown is commonly found on leather sofas, with light coffee and dark colors, and sometimes orange-yellow. Different shades have different flavors. Due to the material, the leather sofa itself looks to have a certain sense of high-level.

Dark coffee color is more common in traditional American furniture, such as American rivet leather sofas, which can easily create an overall style feature with American furniture.

gray leather sofa

In addition to the above-mentioned common color sofas, there are actually many other colors to choose from. If used well, it will be full of charm. However, due to the difficulty of matching and some other reasons, the selection of families is relatively small. Less doesn't mean it's not good-looking, but it's personality.

4. Black

Although black is also versatile in color, it will make the environment look dark, so it is actually less used in large areas in the home, and black sofas are used less.

5. White

White is definitely a leather sofa, because if it is a fabric sofa, cleaning will be a big problem in the future. Although white can be regarded as a versatile color, white is a popular choice for cabinet doors and wooden doors, but it is not popular in the choice of sofa color. Probably the main reason is to consider the cleaning problem.

6, yellow, green, pink

For applications like this yellow, green, and pink sofa, I admire the designer's collocation skills. Not only is there no sense of violation, but on the contrary, it has a distinct personality and style. Sometimes I think that if I have the ability, I should live my own life and be different.

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