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Selection skills for small living room sofas


More and more young people choose to buy small-sized houses, which can not only relieve a certain amount of pressure, but also make small-sized houses warm and comfortable. Small-sized houses should pay more attention to the matching of the home. Due to the limited space in the living room, when choosing a home, it is necessary to save space as much as possible while ensuring the decorative effect. The purchase of a sofa is a very important part. So how to choose a small living room sofa?

What types of sofas can small guests put?
1. Corner sofa, a three-person plus a group of sectional sofa is almost enough, which can use the space more effectively, or three-person plus a single-person, or you can replace the single-person with a square pier. Do not buy sofas with large armrests and high backs in small spaces, which not only take up space, but also look crowded, with lighter colors, soft or vivid colors.
2. The three-seat fabric sofa plus two small square piers can be combined at will. Compared with the corner sofa, it saves more space, does not make the small living room feel too crowded, and retains the atmosphere that the living room should have.
How to choose a small living room sofa
1. The color of the sofa must match the color of the living room. Otherwise, it will give people a sense of disobedience. There should be no more than three main colors in a space.
2. The sofa material must meet the standard and be environmentally friendly. One of the current decoration concepts is environmental protection. Not only should environmental protection materials be selected in the decoration process, but also environmental protection should be selected in the choice of home sofa.
3. Check whether the skeleton of the sofa is firm and whether the filling of the sofa is full. When purchasing, you can try to press the armrest and backrest of the sofa with your hands, and feel the comfort and stability of the sofa.
4. The furniture at home must conform to our living habits. For example, some people are lying on the sofa and playing with their mobile phones, some are sitting and watching TV, and some are eating snacks. This determines whether you want to be movable or fixed. Yes, it is a sofa with armrests or an open plan.

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