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Right Time to Tidy The Showroom

With the developing of new product of Yadea, the category of product is getting rich. At the same time, it also need some platform to show, network platform is great, and the real showroom is also important. So Yadea has specifically prepared a room for these our product, which allow the client to have visit any time.


Showroom of Yadea Furniture


Thus, it's necessary to keep the showroom clean and beautiful. And we not only should consider the selection of furniture, but also remain congruent. So all the staff participated the activity this time, they can help with the cleaning work and present recommendations. The interesting work like a raging the fire is carrying on.


Showroom of Yadea Furniture


Finally, the basic design scheme was determined,. Although it was just a little things in our life  or work, we all have a better understanding on the modern furniture and their collocation, which will help a lot for our works. So let me take you to hava a look at our showroom.

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