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Is the Swan Chair Comfortable[ 2013-07-30 ]
The swan chair looks beautiful and elegant but you may doubt whether it is comfortable .Is the swan chair comfortable ?Maybe some people ask in there heart .I can confidently tell you that the swan chair is very comfortable .
swan chair 2 seat sofa-love chair[ 2013-07-30 ]
The swan not only have chair but also have 2 seat sofa .
About Us - Shenzhen Yadea Furniture[ 2013-07-30 ]
   About Us   Shenzhen Yadea Furniture Co., Ltd. is a dedicated manufacturer of very high-quality 20th century modern classic design furniture. Yadea was established in 1998 - making us one of the oldest suppliers of this style of furniture i
Do You Like This Scarlet Swan Chair[ 2013-07-30 ]
When I see this swan chair at the first sight I say I love this scarlet swan chair . It is like a sexy woman .
Genuine Leather Swan Chair & Cashmere Swan Chair[ 2013-07-30 ]
There are two main kinds of materials used to produce swan chair in our company at present :genuine leather and cashmere ,we produce the swan chair depends on your need .
Decorate your house with modern classic furniture[ 2013-07-30 ]
There are several ways to beautify the decor of your home. Adding modern classic furniture to your home is the best way to bring a pleasant look to your house. You can add furniture to your home to give it a pleasing look.
The Designer and history of Arne Jacobsen swan chair[ 2013-07-30 ]
The Swan Chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958, a danish architect who combined the freshness of Danish style with progressive modernism. He Embraced the whole concept of house design that included the interior as well as the exterior.
Where to Buy Swan Chair in Shenzhen[ 2013-07-29 ]
The swan chair designed by Denmark architect Arne Jacobsen in 1958 ,so you may want to ask could I buy swan chair in Shenzhen ?where to buy swan chair in Shenzhen ?Let me tell you the answer .There are many modern furniture suppliers in Shenzhen ,but you should go to China Yadea buy the chair.
The History of Swan Chair[ 2013-07-29 ]
Arne Jacobsen designed the Swan chair for the lobby and lounge areas of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in 1958. An elegant and organic shape ideal for lounge and waiting areas as well as the home.
where can I buy swan chair in China[ 2013-07-29 ]
The Swan is a chair and a couch designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. It is manufactured by Danish furniture manufacturer Republic of Fritz Hansen.But where can I buy swan chair in China ?Of course China Yadea is your best choice .
Barcelona Chair and Ottoman in black Italian leather[ 2013-07-28 ]
The Barcelona chair was exclusively designed for the German Pavilion, that country's entry for the Iberia-American Exposition of 1929, which was hosted by Barcelona, Spain. An icon of modernism, the chair's design was inspired by the campaign and folding chairs of ancient times. It features the pure compositional structure that now epitomizes Modern architecture.
Why choose eames lounge chair from Yadea Furniture?[ 2013-07-26 ]
The eames lounge chair is one of the famous modern classic designer chair. It is so popular, but it is also too expensive for most of people to buy an original one. So, the reproduction of eames lounge chair are in big demand. China, of course, take the job to supply them.
Where can I get high quality Eames lounge chair in China?[ 2013-07-26 ]
Since the classic furniture becomes more and more popular by people around the world,people start to focus on “Where can I get the high quality classic furniture with reasonable price?Today, CHINA YADEA(HK) CO.,LTD will show you the answer.
Why the Eames Lounge Chair is so Popular[ 2013-07-26 ]
Nice things are always popular by person ,just like the Eames Lounge Chair .
This Eames Lounge Chair is not Orignial but Almost[ 2013-07-26 ]
All original goods are best ,that’s it !but not means all original goods are suitable ,you have to thinking many factors ,like the money .The Eames Lounge Chair is an example .
Are There good Eames Lounge Chair Reproductions in China[ 2013-07-26 ]
You may want to buy good Eames Lounge Chair in China ,but you don’t know where should you go to buy . I must tell you that Yadea Furniture Co.,ltd will be your best Choice .
Do You Want to Buy the Eames Lounge Chair Replica 100% Copy from the Original[ 2013-07-26 ]
The Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman designed by Charles and Ray Eames for the Herman Miller furniture company , It was the first chair the Eameses designed for a high-end market. And the original chair made by Fritz Hansen .The Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman are furnishings made of molded plywood and leather.
Investing in Furniture for Beautiful Homes[ 2013-07-25 ]
Buying furniture is a significant investment so you have to get the best designs and styles as well as the most reasonable costs.
The Eames Lounge Chair of Eames lounge chair parts[ 2013-07-25 ]
Eames lounge chair parts is the culmination of Charles and Ray Eames' efforts to create comfortable and handsome lounge seating by using production techniques that combine technology and handcraftsmanship. Its heritage goes back to the molded plywood chairs pioneered by the Eameses in the 1940s
The premium egg chair from Yadea Company looks the same as the original one by Fritz Hansen[ 2013-07-25 ]
Yadea paid a lot of money to buy the original egg chair to 100% copy from it, and he opened new mould for the shell, it is PU shaped hard foam as the shell inside, the outside is softer PU foam. You can see the Logo of the original egg chair which yadea bought.
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