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[News]Yadea is one of the leading manufacturer of modern and classic furniture[ 2012-12-25 09:01 ]
We Yadea Furniture is one of the leading manufacturer of modern and classic furniture and Stainless Steel furniture in Shenzhen,China.Our factory manufacture modern and classic furniture,Stainless Steel Furniture,coffee table, barcelona bench and Stainless Steel Glass Furniture.Modern Furniture is regard as one of the most modern, fashionable in the world. It is more and more popular in Europe and USA.
[News]Barcelona chair in full leather manufacturer[ 2012-12-21 23:59 ]
We are a Barcelona chair in full leather manufacturer from china that provider for iconic pieces including Barcelona chair, Eames chair, Corbusier furniture, and more,and one of the Modern Designer Furniture Manufacturer & Supplier in china,offers you many of Barcelona chair in full leather,Lounge Chairs.Get top quality Barcelona chair reproduction and modern classic furniture reproductions at
[News]Where can i find the best relica Barcelona chair and ottoman ?[ 2012-12-07 02:31 ]
Relica Barcelona chair and ottoman,Barcelona chair manufacturer,Red & Black Leather Barcelona chair made by china Yadea.Where can i find the best relica Barcelona chair and ottoman? Who is the best Barcelona chair and ottoman manufacturer? I thank is China Yadea company.I have buy one relica Barcelona chair and ottoman from them, its a wonderful and comfortable, and the service is also very good.This is my relica Barcelona chair and ottoman.I love it.
[News]Wholesale the Eames Lounge Chair to the Italy[ 2012-12-04 20:31 ]
Eames Lounge Chair Italy,living room furniture china manufacturer,Wholesale Eames Lounge Chair,Eames Lounge Chair replica.Our company's main business is Wholesale the Eames Lounge Chair to the Italy.If you want Wholesale the Eames Lounge Chair to the Italy, i think that you can contact us, because our Eames Lounge Chair wholesale business doing very well.This Eames Lounge Chair is the Living Room Furniture. we are the China Manufacturer of the Living Room Furniture.
[News]Home Office Furniture[ 2012-11-25 19:46 ]
Replica Barcelona Chair in Full Leather and get the Best Deal. Our high quality Barcelona chair in black full leather,Yadea, as a furniture manufacturer, supplies Knoll Barcelona chair from china, specialized in modern classic furniture, home office furniture, hotel furniture, office sofas.and the Barceloan chair chair covered with full italian leather.
[News]What is the barcelona chair and who designed this Comfortable barcelona chair ?[ 2012-11-17 01:01 ]
Yadea is a reproduction Comfortable barcelona chair manufacturer in the china. And its one of the biggest manufacturer in Shenzhen.Our Barcelona chairs are very comfortable. Simple, comfortable, neutral - Comfortable barcelona chair is a fantastic piece of furniture that deserves its iconic status.
[News]Chinese furniture quality is bad ?[ 2012-11-16 01:35 ]
Chinese furniture quality is bad ? “The idea that Chinese quality is bad is absolutely comical” says Dix, speaking of his experiences with Chinese manufacturers. “It’s not that Chinese quality is bad, it’s that the retailer, the distributor who wants cheap stuff – their quality is bad. You pay a nickel you get a nickel, you get what you pay for.”
[News]If you looking for furniture manufacturers and suppliers China ,pls contact me[ 2012-11-16 01:18 ]
If you looking for furniture manufacturers and suppliers China ,pls contact me.We are a Chinese Furniture Mfg specializing in modern classic and desigener furniture for 12 years already.We are looking for sales agents and wholesalers in the world, if you want wholesale the modern classic and desigener furniture, then Please add me.
[News]Eero Aarnio design: Eero Aarnio Ball Chair and Half Dome Relaxer Chair[ 2012-11-15 02:06 ]
If you like the Eero Aarnio furniture in different materials please visit our materials page website. This Eero Aarnio style chairs is will make your home or office is very interesting and comfortable. All the copy Eero Aarnio Ball Chair, Half Dome Relaxer Chair, Focus 2 Chair, Eero Aarnio Eyeball Chair and Puppy chair is cheap than the industry, but the quality is also better than the others Eero Aarnio style chairs manufacturers.
[News]Where can i find the best relica Charles Eames chair and ottoman ?[ 2012-11-07 02:19 ]
Where can i find the best relica Charles Eames chair and ottoman? Relica Charles Eames chair and ottoman,Charles Eames Ottoman,modern classic design furniture made by China Yadea Furniture Co., Ltd.In the fact, there are so many relica Charles Eames chair and ottoman suppliers in the world.Who is the best one ? I thank is China Yadea company.China Yadea Furniture Co., Ltd. are a dedicated manufacturer of very high-quality 20th Century modern classic design furniture.
[News]The Classic Panton Chair Is A Visual And Aesthetic Treat[ 2012-11-03 02:39 ]
Yadea is the best furniture exporters in china ,According to IKEA,the decision was motivated by cost savings, as China manufacturers are able to produce better quality Panton Chair at lower price.And the Yadea is the IKEA furniture supplier in china.
[News]Corona Chair's Story[ 2012-10-16 20:28 ]
The Price of All the Corona Chair is competitive,as We are the big wholesaler in China. All the Corona Chairs are made with best materials,The quality is the same as the Brand shops. And we are also the Barcelona Chair Dealers and manufacturers in the China.Yadea high quality Stainless steel chair in aniline leather-100% Full Grain European Aniline Dyed Leather -the Stainless steel chair frame have been ground,sanded and sealed,the barcelona chair and Ottoman in Aniline Leather.''sStory_1.html3
[News]Where to buy the fake Cassina le corbusier lc3 sofa ?[ 2012-10-06 01:25 ]
Buy the fake Cassina le corbusier lc3 sofa from China Yadea Factory. We are one of professional fake Cassina furniture manufacturers in the China, and the Cassina furniture's price is the lowest but the quality is also very nice. The Grande range offers the same design and contemporary style of the LC2 Petit Comfort but with wider, deeper cushions.
[News]All the Eames design works[ 2012-09-13 02:05 ]
All the Eames design works is most include: Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman,Eames Molded Plastic Eiffel Side Chair (DSR),Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair,Eames Molded Plywood Dining Chair,Eames Molded Plywood Coffee Table,buy the Eames reproduction from China Yadea.Found more about Charles and Ray Eames design works from China Yadea, we are the professional Eames reproductin manufacturer in the China, and our price is very competitive.We have our factory in the ShenZhen,near the HongKong.
[News]Eames lounge chair in leather from USA[ 2012-09-03 00:37 ]
Eames Lounge Chair USA,Herman Miller Eames lounge chair,mdoern chairs,replica Eames lounge chair all my company need.Herman Miller is a very famous Eames Lounge Chair manufacturer in the USA. But the Herman Miller Eames lounge chair is too expensive, i want by the replica Eames lounge chair from USA. If your company is the leather Eames lounge chair manufacturer or supplier from USA, please contact us.
[News]Eames Chair Reproduction and Charles and Ray Eames[ 2012-08-17 04:58 ]
Eames Chair Reproduction and Charles and Ray Eames,Buy from China's Largest manufacturer and Supplier of Eames Chair Reproductions, Eames Furniture Replica & Eames Chairs Replica dinning chairs - China Yadea.such as Replica Eames Eiffel DSW Chair, Eames lounge chair and ottoman, replica Herman Miller Eames Walnut Stools, Eames Side Chair,Eames Plywood Coffee Table,Herman Miller Molded Plywood Dining Chair, charles & ray eames Aluminum Office Chair, Eames Aluminum Office Chair - high back.
[News]Buy the Best-Selling modern classic and designer Furniture from China[ 2012-08-16 00:01 ]
Buy the Best-Selling modern classic and designer Furniture from China,We would like to commend the Best-Selling modern classic and designer Furniture to your company,This is China Yadea from Chinese biggest and most reliable furniture manufacturer.we have 2 factorys to specialized production modern classic and famous designer furniture( eg. barcelona chair and ottoman; egg chair; swan chair; le corbusier sofa; Florence Knoll Sofa;womb chair and ottoman; Eames lounge chair and ottoman).
[News]Wegner Wishbone Chair was developed by Hans J. Wegner[ 2012-08-10 05:35 ]
Wegner Wishbone Chair,Hans J. Wegner,Wegner CH 24 Chair replica,copy Wishbone Chair made by China Yadea.Wegner Wishbone Chair is aslo named Wegner CH 24 Chair or Wegner Y-Chair.China Yadea is a manufacturer of the replica Wegner Wishbone Chair.we can made different colors of Wegner Wishbone Chair.beech soap treated, natural seat Wegner Wishbone Chair,oak black stained, natural seat Wegner Wishbone Chair,ash white oil treated, natural seat Wegner Wishbone Chair,walnut lacquer treated.
[News]Replica Knoll Sofa and Knoll Furniture is made be China Yadea[ 2012-08-02 20:21 ]
Replica Knoll Sofa & Knoll Furniture,Classic Knoll Sofa & Chair,Florence Knoll Lounge Chair,Knoll Sofa is made be China Yadea.Florence Knoll is an Denmark architect and furniture designer.We are a contemporary furniture and design classic furniture manufacturer in the China.And the Replica Knoll Sofa and Knoll Furniture is one of our hot products, the peplica Knoll Sofa sells very well, and we have many dealers in all over the world.we are also develop our dealers teams.
[News]Bauhaus Furniture: Designer Furniture,Modern Furniture and Replica Furniture[ 2012-07-27 05:21 ]
If you are looking for great quality Bauhaus Furniture,Designer Furniture,Modern Furniture,Replica Furniture,contemporary furniture,you can buy the replica Bauhaus Furniture from us.Bauhaus Furniture offering high-quality modern classic furniture and contemporary furniture direct.Like Bauhaus Furniture that China Yadea is a contemporary furniture and design classic furniture manufacturer and exporter in China.All the products is reproduction,and ture to the original.
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