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[News]Full leather manufacturer from china[ 2012-12-29 18:36 ]
We are a Modern Designer Furniture Manufacturer from china that provider for iconic pieces including Barcelona chair(Barcelona chair replica), Eames lounge chair,Corbusier furniture, and more, and one of the Modern Designer Furniture Manufacturer & Supplier in china, offers you the high quality replica Barcelona chair in full real leather Lounge Chairs or Fabric chairs and sofa!
[News]Anyone know a good place are to get furniture in Shenzhen?[ 2012-12-27 19:08 ]
Anyone know a good place are to get furniture in Shenzhen? Can anyone recommend any areas in Shenzhen or warehouses etc.. where to go? China Yadea Furniture Company can supply the modern classic furniture,home and office furniture,shenzhen furniture,replica modern classic furniture.I want buy some modern classic furniture from Shenzhen, such as danish designer furnitures.A friend of mine has visited China Yadea Furniture Company showroom in Shenzen, and bought some home and office furniture.
[News]Barcelona Chair-Classic Designer furniture[ 2012-12-24 18:33 ]
China Yadea is a popular supplier for Pavilion chair(Barcelona Chair)in stainless steel,Our Pavilion chair(Barcelona Chair)is as good as the original,Designer furniture is often unique and usually made from the best materials.Because designer furniture is very stylish and made very well.When learning about different nice looking Barcelona Chair for your house or office,you should focus your time on online reviews before you buy a nice looking Barcelona Chair, such as this Barcelona chair review.
[News]Modern Classic and Famous Designer Furniture from Shenzhen Yadea Furniture[ 2012-12-23 02:14 ]
Modern Classic and Famous Designer Furniture from Shenzhen Yadea Furniture,buy the Modern Classic and Famous Designer Furniture from Shenzhen Yadea Furniture Company.Our flagship product is following these: Barcelona chair and ottoman by Mies van der rohe, Jacobsen egg chair, Jacobsen swan chair,Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman.Our modern calssic and famous designer furniture is true to the original design specifications, and the price is the lowest in the Shenzhen China.
[News]Barcelona chair in full leather manufacturer[ 2012-12-21 23:59 ]
We are a Barcelona chair in full leather manufacturer from china that provider for iconic pieces including Barcelona chair, Eames chair, Corbusier furniture, and more,and one of the Modern Designer Furniture Manufacturer & Supplier in china,offers you many of Barcelona chair in full leather,Lounge Chairs.Get top quality Barcelona chair reproduction and modern classic furniture reproductions at
[News]Would you buy a replica furniture of your favorite designer?[ 2012-11-05 02:40 ]
                  Let's face it: not everyone has the wallet to afford designer furniture. Stark, Eames, Corbusier, Jacobsen… These names sounds like a sweet melody to my e...
[News]Choosing Designer Furniture[ 2012-10-21 00:42 ]
Designer furniture is great because it can help you make a unique statement. Because it is designer, it is not mass-produced and so not everyone will have it. Also, it is usually quite striking in design so it should get noticed.
[News]Reproduction Cassina furniture[ 2012-10-12 02:53 ]
Cassina S.p. A. is an Italian manufacturing company specialised in the creation of high-end designer furniture. Our company - China Yadea is a reproduction Cassina furniture factory. Our reproduction Cassina furniture include: Zig-Zag Chair, Le Corbusier LC1, Le Corbusier LC2, Le Corbusier LC3, Le Corbusier LC4, Le Corbusier LC5, Le Corbusier LC6 table, Le Corbusier LC10 and Ventaglio conference table.
[News]Where to buy the reproduction Eames Molded Plastic Dowel-Leg Side Chair (DSW) in ShenZhen ?[ 2012-09-14 05:04 ]
Where to buy the reproduction Eames Molded Plastic Dowel-Leg Side Chair (DSW) in ShenZhen ? I want buy some Eames furniture, such like eames lounge chair,Eames Molded Plastic Dowel-Leg Side Chair (DSW),Eames Molded Plywood Coffee Table.Im come from USA,moving to ShenZhen,GuangDong province. i will rent a house, so i want buy some modern and classic designer furniture from factory directly.
[News]I am looking to buy a few pieces furniture for our new home[ 2012-08-27 20:21 ]
I am looking to buy a few pieces furniture for our new home.Am moving to Shenzhen in about a month. I am looking to buy a few pieces for our new home like a coffee table such as Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table, a dining table set such as Eero Saarinen Tulip Oval Dining Table , a computer/study desk etc. I am not looking to buy used. I have found many modern calssic furniture stores in my area of Nanshan, but there is little variety. Is there an area where many modern designer furniture stores?
[News]Buy the Best-Selling modern classic and designer Furniture from China[ 2012-08-16 00:01 ]
Buy the Best-Selling modern classic and designer Furniture from China,We would like to commend the Best-Selling modern classic and designer Furniture to your company,This is China Yadea from Chinese biggest and most reliable furniture manufacturer.we have 2 factorys to specialized production modern classic and famous designer furniture( eg. barcelona chair and ottoman; egg chair; swan chair; le corbusier sofa; Florence Knoll Sofa;womb chair and ottoman; Eames lounge chair and ottoman).
[News]Charles & Ray Eames – widely regarded as America’s most important designers[ 2012-08-14 01:56 ]
China Yadea supply the plywood & fiberglass furniture,copy designer furniture,Charles & Ray Eames,Eames DSR chair,Eames Lounge chair and ottoman,Charles & Ray Eames–the America most important designers,those pro copy designer furniture all designed by Charles & Ray Eames.Perhaps best remembered for their mid-century plywood & fiberglass furniture, the Eames Office also created a mind-bending variety of other products, from splints for wounded military during World War II, to photography.
[News]Bauhaus Furniture: Designer Furniture,Modern Furniture and Replica Furniture[ 2012-07-27 05:21 ]
If you are looking for great quality Bauhaus Furniture,Designer Furniture,Modern Furniture,Replica Furniture,contemporary furniture,you can buy the replica Bauhaus Furniture from us.Bauhaus Furniture offering high-quality modern classic furniture and contemporary furniture direct.Like Bauhaus Furniture that China Yadea is a contemporary furniture and design classic furniture manufacturer and exporter in China.All the products is reproduction,and ture to the original.
[News]Replica Vitra furniture - Replica design classic furniture[ 2012-07-27 02:29 ]
China Yadea is China's largest supplier of Vitra furniture,Replica design classic furniture,designer furniture,Replica Vitra furniture.Replica Vitra furniture - Replica design classic furniture - China Yadea Furniture company.Our reproduction furniture includes designs from Eames, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and more, Knoll.including: Barcelona Chair Eames Lounge Chair Le Corbusier Chaise Lounge Modern Egg Chair Office Chairs Glass table
[News]Modern furniture and designer furniture[ 2012-07-25 06:50 ]
Modern furniture and designer furniture,Marcel Breuer's Wassily Chair - China Yadea.Modern furniture and designer furniture refers to furniture produced from the late 19th century through the present that is influenced by modernism.Iconic examples of modern furniture and designer furniture:Marcel Breuer's Wassily Chair,Eileen Gray side table,Barcelona chair,and Noguchi coffee table.
[News]Pony Eames Lounge Chair[ 2012-07-12 01:23 ]
Eames met his second wife Ray in 1941 and they went on to forge both a successful relationship and business partnership. By the 1950s they moved their attention to designer furniture and in 1956 created the classic Charles Aniline leather Eames Lounge Chair which is still highly popular today, and in 1968 he created the Eames Chaise.
[News]Replica Egg Chair – Interior Icon of the 20th Century[ 2012-07-11 01:41 ]
Our designer furniture include Replica Egg Chair,reproduction Egg Chair and red fabric Egg Chair,the Replica Egg Chair has stood the test of time and complements any modern home.A true classic and perhaps one of the most recognizable designer furniture piece of the 20th century, the Replica Egg Chair is a must have. Designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for executive lobby and reception areas.
[News]Show Your Style By Designer Furniture[ 2012-06-26 19:33 ]
Choose the right modern classic designer furniture from Chinese factory-Shenzhen Yadea Furniture Co.,Ltd,use modern classic designer furniture in your home,its become very fashion and show your style.I think that if you import the modern classic designer furniture from Chinese factory that its will be let you shows your fashion savvy and appreciation for the finer things.
[News]Modern and Classic Designer Furniture[ 2012-05-22 20:02 ]
Yadea is a company, situated in China, engaged in Modern and Classic Furniture production.We can design the different kind of Modern and Classic Furniture living room furniture, hotel furniture and outdoor furniture according to your requirement.
[News]Do you want to decorate your office room with modern furniture?[ 2012-04-18 20:49 ]
Wholesale modern designer furniture is our specialized business ,Yadea Furniture manufacturer specializes in wholesale modern designer furniture,if you want to decorate your office room with modern furniture, please go through our website for more details.Stainless steel furniture make the office modern and show a taste of fashion.
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