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Reproduction Furniture Onda Bed DB001

Product category: Benches and Daybeds
Hotline: 0086-13510313799
Description:The DB001 bed is made of stainless steel and full top grain italian leather or aniline leather. Iron and plywood are inside as frame. Colors of leather available: White, black, red, camel brown, chocolate brown.


Onda Bed DB001


Product Parameters:

Item: DB001 Dimensions(cm): W191xD243xH99

Designer: Paolo Piva

Colors available: White, black, red, ivory, camel brown, chocolat brown
Lead time: 15~25 days Inquiry Now:


Product Description:

1. The Onda bed touches very comfortable when lean on the back as it is upholstered with real leather.
2. As we use thick iron tube for the inside frame, so it is strong enough to support heavy people.
3. The bed is big and modern, it can make your bedroom look more luxury and nice looking.
4.  We put the assembling instruction inside packing, it is easy for people to assemble it.
Yadea's focus on quality does not end at the factory door - they believe that providing clients with exceptional service is just as important as manufacturing furniture. In order to make certain Yadea clients enjoy consistently high quality in all Yadea products, they have set up their own test center which monitors products against criteria that are far more stringent than the statutory standards. 

Product Photos:

 Onda BedOnda Bed

Reference scene pictures:

Onda Bed in Leather

 Onda Bed in White Leather

Onda Bed in Leather




Born in Adria in 1950, he began to attend the Architectural Faculty at the Venice University in 1968 and occupied himself with the research in the visual area.

In 1970 he co-operated to the realisation of the project concerning WIG 74 competition on behalf of Vienna and to the competition for the RESISTENZA MONUMENT in Modena.
Since 1970 he has been applying himself to industrial design.
In 1973 he studied at the architectural Faculty of Venice University with Prof. Carlo Scarpa and he got University degree proposing a thesis co-ordinated by Prof. Manfredo Tafuri, about VIENNA from 1918 to 1934.
He attended the INTERNATIONALEN MALERWOCHEN in Retzhof- Graz.

In 1975 he worked for the INSTITUTE OF HISTORY AND ARCHITECTURE OF VENICE together with the AKADEMIE DER ANGEWANDTEN KUNST of Vienna, for the realisation of an important exhibition about Vienna during its socialist period.
This research ended in 1980 with the exhibition VIENNA ROSSA requested by Roma Town Council. Together with Manfredo Tafuri, he took care of the catalogue and the organisation of the exhibition.
In 1980 he has been entrusted by Kuwait to plan the EMBASSY OF KUWAIT in Qatar. 

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