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which is best place to buy furniture for restaurent for cheap and good in Shenzhen?



There are several big furniture stores in Shenzhen. I will focus on the shops in Nanshan, Futian and Luohu. You'll be able to find everything for decorating your house: from beds to kitchens. Either do-it-yourself (DIY) or full assembled for you. In the smaller shops you can definitily negotiate about the price, but in stores like Ikea everything is fixed price. Below you will find short descriptions and addresses of B&Q, Ikea, RomanJoy, Hoba and some other stores.


B&Q Nanshan

Two floor store in Nanshan, easy to find. Lots of raw materials such as wood panels, tiles, doors etc. Kitchens, bathrooms, lights, sofas, beds, sinks. Not a huge selection, but if you live in Nanshan it's worth a visit. B&Q also offers free indoor designers if you buy all your stuff there.


Ikea Nanshan

Ikea Shenzhen opened in 2008 and is not so easy to reach with public transport, best option is to take the subway to Window of the World and take the free Ikea shuttle bus there. Ikea has a good selection and you can get many design ideas just wondering around the store. Read my more in-depth review about Ikea .


Hoba Shenzhen HeadQuarter

Luxury furniture store with many (expensive) foreign brands.


Yadea Furniture Futian

Yadea furniture, as a furniture manufacturer and supplier in Shenzhen owns modern classic furniture, Stainless Steel furniture, and wholesale china furniture, such as living room furniture, living room chair, fabric lounge chair, contemporary leather chair, couch, sofa, table and so on.

Address:Room 2008 Sunshine Golf Building, No.7008, Shennan Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China.


we had a really bad experience shopping for furniture at shenzhen. we saw a lot of stuff across the different furniture malls and finally decided to pick up stuff from Qumei which is a retail chain with some 300 outlets in China (hoping that that would make the service professional and reliable- and boy were we wrong).


To start with -across everything the finish of the products was not of the same quality as what we saw in the store. the sideboards have small cracks in the wood and one came without the magnetic strip used to keep the doors of the cupboard closed.then the leg of the coffee table was broken and had been shoddily put back together with a metal clasp (so they were aware of the defect at the time that they were packing it out of the factory).


Then the delivery guys refused to clean up the big cartons, thermocol and plastic wraps- so we had all this strewn all over the house and the space in front of the elevator. they didnt speak any english so we got them to speak to a friend of ours who speaks cantonese and on being asked to clean up they started yelling at her. in the midst of all this one of them decided to sit on the one of the new sideboard/ cupboard and made a face when asked to get up. their overall body language and manner was very rude and dismissive. 


We have gotten in touch with Qumei about the faulty table but there is no response from their end. all in all a very disappointing experience- the time and cost of going over there, getting stuff which is not up to the mark of what we saw in the store, the hassle with the delivery people is all so not worth the bit that you might wind up saving.



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