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Simple Table - Hans Wegner CH318 Table

People now enjoy “simple” life. We love those simple and beautiful things without too much decoration. In modern home decoration, people are also intend to furnish their house with simple, modern and beautiful designs. If it happens that you are looking for some dining table, there is a such a design you may like, the Hans Wegner CH318 Table.

Hans J. Wegner (1914-2007) is one of the architects and designers who made Danish Design world famous. The simple and elegant CH318 table is a modern classic, embodying Wegner's ideology and spirit for simplicity.


This table is one of the popular table as dining table or reading table even as a office table. There are many reproduction of Hans Wegner’s design furniture. If you would like to have one in your home, Yadea is a good choice for you. This high quality table is just copy as the origina design but with an affordable price.

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