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one Great Mid-Century Modern Chair-Barcelona chair


               This is a great chair we've featured in our Modern Icons series. It was fun to revisit the innovations of these designers, from bending plywood, experimenting with new materials and cantilevering tubular steel in gravity-defying ways. They were making do with what they had during times of war rationing, and showing off the results of the latest technology at international exhibitions and fairs before and after World War II. It's also fun to note some of the connections they had to one another, whether they were classmates at Cranbrook,, mentors or friends.


                Barcelona Chair

                Designer: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

                Year: 1929


                 Barcelona Chair


                Designed for his German Pavilion at the International Exhibition in Barcelona, this iconic chair with its simple X-base also comes in an ottoman/stool and couch/daybed.

                The Barcelona chair, designed by Bauhaus architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, made its debut in his German Pavilion at the International Exposition of 1929 in Barcelona, Spain (hence the name). This pavilion has been so exhaustively studied and revered that it has been rebuilt so that you may visit it today. These Barcelona chairs in good quality. The collection also includes the a coordinating ottoman and the very popular Barcelona Daybed.


Barcelona Chair in good quality


                This room is very sleek and modern, yet has a lot of warmth, much of which is provided by the bisque Barcelona chairs.Consistency through complementary colors. Okay, we all know that red and green reside across from each other on the color wheel. The beauty of this combination is that each color makes the other one even stronger. The living room, with strong red colors in the art and Barcelona chairs complement the lime green chair in the dining room.


Barcelona Chair in good quality


                A pair of chairs is creates a conversation area.


Barcelona Chair in good quality


                These chairs are often in a group of furniture that includes the Barcelona daybed. Mies added the daybed to the collection in 1930. They are great choices for a study, living room or lounge.


Barcelona Chair in good quality


                The chair is versatile enough to sit atop a traditional oriental rug.Another example of seamlessly blending the inside with the outside. The lovely fireplace, Oriental rug and modern white chairs provide a focal point. Step off the covered area and out into the open air patio.


Barcelona Chair in good quality


                Here a rich saddle brown version sits with its contemporary, an Eames Lounge Chair. In this living space, half-timbering is used to create a modern space with rough-hewn timbers.


Barcelona Chair in good quality


                The chairs fit right into this interesting palette: exposed duct (so genius that is in the center of the ceiling), scads of glass windows, glass and wood furniture and a tribal rug. LR and Barcelona chairs: The black certainly does look good.

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