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knoll brno chair by ludwig mies van der rohe

     The Knoll Brno chair designed by ludwig mies van der rohe in 1930.
originally intended as a set of chairs for the tugendhat house in Brno, czech, this mies masterpiece is now available exclusively through knoll studio.

     Knoll Brno chair's frame is available in tubular or flat bar options, both of which are constructed of either pre-stressed and pre-buffed 14 gauge stainless steel or 11 gauge steel with a mirror-chrome finish which includes nickel and silicone coatings for rust protection and increased durability. all chairs are polished to a mirror finish and have clean seamless joints and hidden drilled or countersunk holes to make Brno literally free of any deformations. the dymetrol seat suspension system enhances comfort.

     The tubular Brno is available as tugendhat featuring a thin seat and back or classic which has a thicker seat and back. the inner hardwood seat frame is cushioned with variable density foam and covered in a large choice of fabrics and leathers. six clear plastic glides that fit into specially drilled holes are also available.

knoll brno chair by ludwig mies van der rohe


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