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The best Furniture wholesale suppliers in china


          Yadea are furniture wholesale suppliers to dealers and retailers in china. Our furnishings are fashioned by craftsmen who pride themselves in producing the finest quality heirloom pieces. Offer Modern Furniture in High Quality, We Are One of the Leading Furniture Suppliers in China. Modern Factory Deals With Wholesale And Customized Service As Well. Wholesale furniture orders exported from China. Each item of furniture is hand-made.


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          In 2012, our company focus on the 8 items products, these are our hot sale and the core products, we all recommend our customers to use the aniline leather, it could attract more customer's attentions. Please visit our new website:




          Please try to get some information. from our web. Our goal is to help and serve our wholesale and distributor well, and help them to grow up and to make more profit. If you have any interests, please feel free to visit our web or talk with us your future plan. We could give you some ideas and suggestions.



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