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Are leather sofas better than fabric?

As we konw, there are two kinds of sofa upholstered with leather or fabric in present market. And these sofa have their own supporter about these sofa. It will trigger debate about which sofa is better. As a seasoned modern furniture factory, we have some unique viewpoint about chossing materials.


modern leather sofa

For example,Leather sofas are durable and can often last longer than your average fabric sofa. Lighter leather sofas are less stain resistant but still easier to clean than a white fabric sofa. On the other hands, fabric sofa is more cheaper than leather sofa. In different style home furnishing, fabric sofa or leather sofa is irreplaceable. However, you will still need to practice some occasional maintenance to keep it looking fabulous. So people ought to have your own thought about how to to choose the sofa you like.

Andersen fabric sofa

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