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You Won't Miss It-Eames Leather Lounge Chair and ottoman Is Everywhere(Part Two)


       However, the Eames leather lounge chair and ottoman not only been adopted in movies, also been adopted in business and collections:
Eames Series of US stamp
Modern classic furniture mould
Design Interior Collections by Reina

Concert Version of Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman by design: cup, bag, T-shirt, calendar

The ads of Raincoat with the background of Eames leather lounge chair and ottoman by Babykoz

          Maybe you have come across with the Eames leather lounge chair and ottoman in TV, movies, ads and anywhere, but know little about it. However, what you don't know is, the Eames leather lounge chair and ottoman is everywhere. Next time when you see it, don't forget to try to sit on it and feel the unprecedented comfort and release and Don't MISS IT.
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