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Yadea offer best quality Eames Office Chair


               The earliest designs were the result of 19th-century mechanical ingenuity and were patented in the 1840s and 50s in New England and New York. The inventors of these models were working at a time when Americans were used to the comfort and motion of the rocking chair and their designs clearly draw on this. Born from the industrial revolution, task chairs didn’t change very much until the dawn of the computer heralded the office revolution. The 50s and 60s were the last time you could expect to find an office chair that looked lovely.

               Since the early 90s, office chairs have looked like exercise machines, if you require an elegant chair, that doesn’t look as if it’s meant for a workout, you have to predate the 70s, and in so doing we at YADEA Furniture give you our collection of Eames Office Chair Designs.

Eames Office Chiar

Aluminum Office Chair by Charles & Ray Eames







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