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Where to buy black barcelona chair?


                    I did recently find a supplier for a more high end version of the balck barcelona chair - China Yadea. The salesman was very nice and explained to me the difference between the variations of Barcelonas out there.


Black Barcelona Chair with Ottoman by Mies Van Der Rohe

Black Barcelona Chair with Ottoman by Mies Van Der Rohe

                    Balck barcelona chair basically the pros:

                    1. Yadea use a stronger and more durable 304# stainless steel, most of the Barcelonas on the market use 202# stainless steel
                    2. Yadea use premium aniline leather as a standard not the lower grade Italian leather
                    3. They had seamless edges like the originals, meaning no sewing showing
                    4. The top of the barcelona cushion was even with the back frame like the originals
                    5. Yadea  used real leather for the straps, not plastic
                    6. It had thinner cushions like the originals, not the big bulky ones we see everywhere

                    Where to buy black barcelona chair? Have a look China Yadea Factory.


barcelona chair black leather

barcelona chair black leather


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