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What's Your Choice? Lounge Chair or Recliner?

Pros and Cons of Recliners

Recliners are versatile because they can also function as a straight-backed chair when in the vertical position, offering both upright and reclined seating, while at the same time utilizing less floor space when they are vertical. However, many models might not fit well in shallow rooms. They need to sit far enough from the wall and other furniture in order to recline fully.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Lounges

Lounge chairs have a luxurious appeal that makes a statement in a room. Those with permanently reclined seatbacks are good for relaxing or listening to music, but not as functional for TV watching or for having conversations. Upright chaise lounges solve this dilemma, though they take up a lot of floor space for a one-person seat. Because they have no moving parts or mechanisms, they won't malfunction and can provide years of reliable comfort.

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