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What is the Most Comfortable Way to Spend National Day?

National Day is the longest vacation for Chinese except Spring Festival. Most people would like to go on a trip many years ago, but now some people are willing to stay at home. There are many different reasons as they told us, if you have been to a tourist attraction, the most you would see is the people, which would cause a series of problems and affect the mood. So how do you spend your time when staying at home.


Modular Siesta sofa


The morning time is short-lived, most poeple may still sleep in. Altough it is an unhealthy lifestyle, the lying in can be compensation for office workers. The October remain a hot month in most regions, and you would choose the time to go outside. In general, most people all go somewhere cooler to have afternoon tea and chat with friends. What a wonderful time it is! 


Leather Pelican Lounge chair chair


As for the night, it's really unbecoming to watch TV show or play computer games for most people. We like to recline on our living room sofa and watch TV show with family, or find a comfortable modern lounge chair to read some book. Different people have their own way to celebrate the holiday, and the most important is that everyone can participate in and feel happy.

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