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What are the materials for the lounge chair?

Lounge chair used more frequently in people's lives, as we bring the convenience of life. However, the styles and materials used in different occasions will be different. Next, we will introduce the materials of several different leisure chairs, hoping to bring the help of choice to friends in need.

The material of the leisure chair is divided into:

Wood: Russian scorpion tree - extend the life of the wood to 40-50 with Russian Pinus sylvestris wood preservative as features that are easy to process and delicate texture, the use colorless paint for outdoor use, you can achieve beautiful and practical of wood.

Anti-corrosion wood: It is characterized by easy processing and is very cost-effective in terms of raw materials. Therefore, it is not only in the leisure chair industry, but also in other solid wood processing industries.

Stainless steel lounge chair

Plastic wood: "plastic wood", also known as "wood-plastic composite material", as its name suggests, can be understood as a material mainly used as a raw material for replacing wood. It is made of plastic and wood chips in a ratio of approximately 1:1. Made of. Its popularization and application can save a lot of natural wood and protect the ecological environment. Because of the natural fiber component, plastic wood has better UV (UV) resistance and lower thermal expansion and contraction properties, and like wood. It's as easy to process. As a kind of environmentally-friendly new material, plastic-wood composite materials have attracted people's attention. The styles of leisure chairs are varied and various materials are available, so that everyone has more choices!

Well, I will introduce it here. You can choose the material of the appropriate leisure chair according to the actual needs, in order to achieve the best results, you can go to the large shopping mall to see.

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