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What Makes The Classic Barcelona Chair?

When it comes to modern furniture, Eames lounge chair and Barcelona chair would come to your mind first. For Eames lounge chair, Yadea has made the brief introduction in last article. So how much do you know about Barcelona chair? It is a kind of classic 20th-century masterpieces, even to this day, Barcelona chair has developed into a kind of creation style. So what makes the it?

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First of all, its success is inseparable from its designer-Mies van der Rohe. You can learn about his life from google, but also we need to know his design philosophy.

Secondly, the design of Barcelona chair caused a sensation when it was first published,  is kind of position and almost conceptual product, and the leather lounge chair is similair to apple phone, which also is an epochal product.

Of course, it is not enough that there is just theory to make it to be classic, the product itself is also important. It combine the x shape stainless steel frame and sofa hign flexible foam cushion and seat perfectly.

Above all are the subjective factors of product, and people's aesthetic, the pursuit and desire of fashional furniture are the objective factors.

All of there factors make the Barcelona chair, also make people all around the world feel the charm of modern furniture, lead a design tide.

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