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What Kind of Furniture Will Interest You?

Furniture is different from other else daily items, what you need to consider is not only the function, the appearance is also a very important aspect. For instance, there are two comfortable lounge chair that you need to pick one, and you will prefer the chair like Eames lounge chair most of the time than the common one. This is the normal phenomenin. So what kind of furniture do you like?

Here will introduce several classic modern furnitur of Yadea for you.

Eames lounge chair, there is no doubt that the chair can be the king of lounge chair, the excellent design and elegant appearance overwhelming many people all over the world, you will love it.


Eames lounge chair

Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Lounge Chair, different from other modern style lounge chair, the halyard match with the stainless steel structure very well, which bring us different feellings.


Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Lounge Chair

Archibald armchair, the details of it is the shining point, the plump leather seat create a contrast with the winkle leather, but do not seem obtrusive, and can bring different feeling.


Archibald armchair

Yadea has provided many knid of classic furniture for the client all over the world, and there will be one that can interest you.

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