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Vitra Reproduction Furniture Design Mariposa Sofa


The name of the sofa hints at its sophisticated features: the flexible design of the slender yet softly yielding arm and back rests brings to mind “mariposa”, Spanish for butterfly. An incredibly spacious and inviting sofa, designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, the unique style of the Mariposa has been crafted for comfort and functionality. 


The Mariposa Sofa boasts a unique form with repostionable arms and backrest that bring to mind the fluttery creature for which it was named. The structural metal frame is webbed with polyurethane foam. Offered in a range of fabric and leather upholstery options, the Mariposa Sofa transforms living spaces with its custom looks and great comfort.


The Mariposa sofas offer solutions for a wide range of requirements in regard to size and spatial planning. Thanks to the unusual depth of the seat surface, two people can sit on either end and comfortably face each other – to carry on a conversation or share a cosy spot for reading. With these special features, the Mariposa Sofa offers an inviting place to prop up your feet and relax.

Mariposa Sofa

Keywords in the article: Designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby,Mariposa Sofa has been crafted for comfort and functionality

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