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Ultimate care for wrought iron and real wood furniture-two part

     Cleaning real wood furniture and wrought iron furniture will water directly is not recommended. However, when they are placed outdoors in lawns, gardens and patios, they have to be thoroughly washed at regular intervals of time. The best way to clean the furniture with water, while at the same time preventing their deterioration, is by drying them thoroughly. Once you have cleaned them, wipe them dry immediately with a lint free cotton cloth. Before putting them to use again, place them in the sunlight for a few hours until there are no signs of wetness.

     Outdoor wrought iron furniture needs to be painted at least once or twice a year based on where they are placed and their usage. It is the paint that protects the metal and prevents it from falling prey to rust. Keep an eye out for peeling paint while cleaning iron furniture. The minute you notice the paint wearing off, it is time to apply a new coat. Choose good quality paint so it does not peel often and lasts for long. Damage due to termite attacks is not a concern with iron furniture, but it is a threat to real wood furniture. Therefore, it is important to make sure that a coat of anti-termite polish is applied regularly to wooden furniture. Once you have finished applying a coat of this polish, let it dry thoroughly and follow it up with a coat of table wax. This wax is specially manufactured for outdoor furniture that are susceptible to losing inherent moisture and oils due to the heat. The table wax seals the moisture and natural oils in the wood and ensure it stays in its prime for years on end.

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