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Two Living Room Chairs of Similar Design



As a living room chair factory, Yadea has launched many kinds of chairs in recent years. There are always several chairs make us impressive. Such as the womb chair and Minotti Prince armchair, we can find many similar characteristics at first sight, especially the molded seat and stainless steel base. But there still some differences between them, let’s take a look.
Womb chair, designed by Eero Saarinen in 1948, continues to be one of the most iconic and recognized representations of mid-century Scandinavian organic modernism. The womb chairs are mostly used as lounge chairs that allow you to lie down your whole body, and the matched ottoman make you feel more comfortable.

Womb Lounge Chair
Minotti Prince armchair, designed for Minotti by Rodolfo Dordoni, a new chair that was inspired by the classic design. And even so, this fabric armchair can also make people feel newfangled and elegant than normal lounge chair.

Minotti Fabric Prince Armchair
Through the basic introduction, you may have simple perceiving about these two chairs. If you would like to purchase some or want to know more information about them, please be free to contact us.

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