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Top Replica of Barcelona Chair Wholesale


                Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the German Pavilion at the 1929 Barcelona Exposition, the Barcelona Chair is a modern design icon rooted in architectural style. Traditionally crafted in every detail, the Barcelona Chair is upholstered in individual leather squares that are carefully welted together. This piece is truly a classic in every sense of the word. From the comfortable leather upholstery, right down to the sleek silhouette--the Barcelona Chair is modern furniture at its finest.


The Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona Chiar

                For the upholstery, individual leather panels are cut, hand-welted and hand-tufted with leather-covered buttons. Panels and buttons are crafted from a single hide. And strapping is laminated to match selected leather. Select from fine leather available in a broad spectrum of colors.

                Mies van der Rohe's original 1929 design has managed to stay relevant today, fitting in seamlessly with almost any decor--from casual to formal--the Barcelona Chair is a modern must-have. And YADEA is here to offer affordable Barcelona chair with great quality, look at the perfect “X” frame below.




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