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Three Fancy Modern Furniture

When it comes to modern furniture, the first thought of us might be those fabric sofa of minimalist style, or those high-end comfortable lounge chair. If you had a deep understanding of  the market of modern furniture, you would find many strange and nice furniture. Here Yadea Furniture picked three special hot sell furniture for you so that you can learn more excellent modern furniture design.

Lip Sofa. The shape of the sofa just like the lip with bright red lipstick


lip sofa


Drop Chair. The linen upholstered part of the chair like water drop that is tiny but beautiful, and it is also suitable for dining area.


drop chair


Pelican Chair. Classic lounge chair designed by Finn Juhl.Its organic form is a good example of the way in which Finn Juhl has been inspired by modern ”free art”

Pelica chair

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