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The Right Way to Assemble Wood Furniture

     If you want to save money on furniture, one of the options is to buy a few items from stores which offer a discount in case you don't mind assembling the furniture by yourself. Of course, there are some complex pieces of furniture that require skills and techniques. Often it is best to refer to experts such as Ikea assembly service London specialists. They will save you time and efforts. When it comes to assembling simple items such as wood furniture, you can complete the task by yourself. Read more to find out the directions that will be needed.
1.Start with unpacking. Make enough space as often there will be many items that will require more area to spread them.
2.The manufacturers include detailed instructions, so, take a look at them to see what will be needed for each step.
3. At the beginning of the assembly process you will have to start with the larger pieces. No matter, if you are about to assemble a bookshelf or a king-sized bed, you should start with the bigger components. Very often you will need an Allen wrench to screw wood screws. Most manufacturers include it in the box with the other elements. If not, you can purchase it from the nearest home improvement store or borrow one from a friend. Then you will need to insert the small end of the wrench into the screw head to make the screw easier to turn. When you are working in narrow places, you will have to insert the large end.
4. Once you are ready with the larger pieces, it is time to assemble the small parts. Pieces such as handles and shelves should go last. Read the instructions carefully and follow them strictly. Usually, if you do everything properly, there should be no pieces left at the end in case there are no extra parts. ???? into account that sometimes you may think that some of the elements are extra pieces, but in fact they will be designed to secure screws and so on. And in the cases when you do have spare parts, make sure to store them somewhere where you will not forget about them once they are needed.

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