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The Legendary Barcelona Furniture


             The Red Barcelona chair is popular in interior designs.


red barcelona chair


             Furniture that is made by the end of 19th century or any time thereafter looks different from the ancient types of furniture is termed as modern furniture. Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe was a German architect who lived during early 20th century. Mies created many new and elegant designs for furniture. Mies Van Der Rohe designed a pretty new chair in the year 1929 for seating the Spanish king and queen at the World Art Fair Exposition in Spain in the year 1929. That chair was appreciated by everyone and is known as the Barcelona chair. Irrespective of the design being more than years old, even today it is considered as a modern type of chair and is very popular all over the world.


barcelona chair-red leather


            The frame of this chair is made of stainless steel. The latest chairs of this type are made with Bovine leather though Mies Van Der Rohe used pigskin in his chairs. This chair is considered as a symbol of modernism in furniture. Mies patented the design of this chair in Germany, Spain and US. At present Knoll is the licensed manufacturer of this chair who got the right from Mies Van Der Rohe in the year 1953. In spite of registered trademark, unauthorized production is carried out at many parts of the world. The chairs made of seamless stainless steel and luxurious aniline leathers by various furniture makers are available the world over. However, the changes made on the original version are still very few. 


red barcelona chair

red barcelona chair


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