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The Finn Juhl Pelican Chair - Original quality

Finn Juhl Pelican Chair

Designer: Finn Juhl
Dimensions (in): 33.5 w | 29.9 d | 26.8 h
Designed for the first time in 1940 by Finn Juhl, the Pelican chair is still out there by today standards. The graceful curves of the sculptural masterpiece wrap around the body and seem to exemplify Juhl philosophy that a chair is not just a product of decorative art in a space; it is a form and a space in itself.The chair is the perfect example of how he incorporated organic art form into his furniture designs while maintaining that furniture is furniture, not sculpture.Inspired by Juhl work, we have reproduced the work to exact dimensions to make available the innovative and iconic style of this master to a wider, modern audience. Our replicas in walnut and maple make the Pelican chair more affordable while retaining its features and dimensions to perfection.
The Pelican chair is a marvelous piece of design which beckons to every beholder. Its organic form is a good example of the way in which Finn Juhl has been inspired by modern "free art". Typical of Finn Juhl, the Pelican is very comfortable and manufactured according to best craftsmanship traditions with hand-sewn upholstery.
Pelican Chair
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Keywords in the article: Designed for first time in 1940 by Finn Juhl, the Pelican chair is still out there by today standard

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