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The Brno chair

     The Brno chair is a stylish, sophisticated and timeless classic which has been attempted to be imitated but arguably never bettered. It was originally designed in 1929 and demonstrates, even after 80 years or more, beautiful design never goes out of fashion. This minimalist work of art continues to inspire countless furniture designs and remains a key style investment.
     The Brno Chair is upholstered with full aniline Italian leather and the seat floats between two arches of tough stainless steel. All Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe creations are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also extremely comfortable and durable and the Brno chair is no exception.
The Brno chair typifies Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe iconic designs of clean metal streamlined frame and remains a highly collectable piece. It was originally designed to take pride and place in the bedrooms of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's architectural triumph, Tugendhat House.

     The chair is a key investment for both home and business, the Brno is never out of place, never out of style and embraces what all designer furniture aspire to.

     It is a piece which holds its value and remains forever admired.

The Brno chair

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