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The Best Places To Buy Furniture In ShenZhen


                  If you’re looking for the best places to buy furniture in ShenZhen, I suggest you skip this article or better yet, just Google tourist markets.

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                  China Yadea

                  What: A furniture and home accessories dedicated to the modern theme. It sells modern classic furniture, mostly made from wood, and accessories such as Buddha heads, corals, dramatic candelabras, steel sculptures and even unique stone flooring materials. The Ovo furniture line wonderfully marries Asian elements with modern materials lending the pieces an urban Zen quality. The store also carries the furniture line of design A-lister and Brad Pitt-favorite Kenneth Cobonpue.


                  Modern Classic

                  What: This is a massive cabinet of curiosities brimming with modern furniture pieces, exquisite glassware and china, lush beddings and rugs, and an amazing array of tabletop accessories sourced from all over the world. If Willy Wonka were into home furnishings instead of chocolate, this is how his workshop would look like. There are Fornasetti plates, Astier de Villatte ceramics, LSA vases, Pratesi sheets, Limoges china, Vitra furniture, Tom Dixon lights, Baccarat crystals, The Rug Company furnishings, the list goes on. It is literally, the one-stop home decorating shop.


                  Looking for the best places to buy furniture in ShenZhen,or buy furniture online in shenzhen, the best company is China Yadea.


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