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The Tangible Tips On Caring Leather Furniture

Leather is a naturally obtained beautiful and lively material that has been used in furniture making for centuries due to its unique characteristics. It is produced naturally from cattle hides and every hide has different texture, appearance and size, resulting in different types of leather fabrics used in furniture making. This, when combined with leather’s natural marks and play of colours, adds unique character to each furniture item produced like contemporary Mogensen leather sofas. Aging further adds sheen and beauty to leather furniture naturally. 


Mogensen Leather Sofa


Of all other attributes, leather furniture has been able to carry forward its centuries’ old legacy because of its durability. Though it is known to be highly withstanding against wear and tear, it still needs appropriate cleaning and care to live through the years with you. Given below are several useful tips on leather furniture care.

Just like any other natural material, leather furniture when exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, tends to fade. To make sure your leather furniture grows in its natural gleam with years of usage, avoid direct sunlight exposure.

Unlike what many people believe, leather surfaces are not resistant to animals. Pets can easily scratch and distort leather surface with their claws and jaws, which can lead to expensive repair. Moreover, most of them have acidic saliva, which can also damage the leather finish.


Modern Blue Fabric 3 Seater Sofa


Household chemicals can also pose a threat to leather surface. To avoid stubborn stains damaging your leather furniture, avoid treating it with household chemicals, such as domestic detergents (most of them) like bleach, nail polish, window cleaners, shoe polish, glue, paint, etc. In fact, you need to keep everything containing oils and solvents away from leather surface, including traditional leather cleaners, as most of them are harsh for sensitive leather surfaces.

Remember, preventive maintenance is the best way of leather furniture care, prolonging its life and sprucing its look. Following these simple tips can help you greatly in enjoying the luxury and sumptuousness of your leather furniture for much longer time period.

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