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The Sofa Charles Manufactured by Yadea

When comes to sofa Charles, many people may know little about it, which is a protagonist of the modern lifestyle, Charles has become a landmark in the world of design. And Yadea launched the sofa Charles to expand our product category.



As one of the art work of B&B Italia sofa, the comfortable sofa embody many excellent features. The feeling of lightness especially, conveyed by the design of the “inverted L”- shaped feet, along with a single seat-cushion and a series of free cushions placed on the backrest is the distinctive feature of a sofa that has met with boundless success. The airy shape and simple profile make it innovative from a spatial standpoint with a system that encourages the creation of ever new compositions. Charles includes an extensive family of elements that can meet every furnishing requirement, including the most particular demand for comfort.

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