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Successful New Product Developing

Yadea begins to develop new popular modern furniture in 2018. So why is the new product so important? Just like the design, there are continuously pumping out many excellent works all around the world. Different people may have different pursue, some like classic furniture. So developing new furniture just conforming to their expectations, and is also the show of the abilities of Yadea.


Then the following will introduce two new product for you.

Tape Armchair, a kind of modern style furniture with velvet upholstery and brushed stainless steel base, which exhibit a simple and elegant decorative effect. As a lounge chair for living room, Tape can go well with many kind of fabric sofa. Tape Armchair is also suitable for the hotel as a waiting chair, and the grade and reputation of hotle can be highly enhanced.


Tape | Bergere Armchair


Mad Queen Armchair, the most shining chair of Platform Mad chair series. It looks cool and elegant, and can be a great lounge whether indoor or outdoor.

These chair once launched, they has been widely praise, and we also received a lot of attention  from those new customers. So developing new product benefit both the client and Yadea.


Mad Queen Armchair

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