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Sofa or Armchair? Lounge Chair

Comfortable and spacious as a sofa, but high-end as an armchair, the lounge chair is a fundamental pieces of furniture for those who like something unique and extremely comfortable. Most classic lounge chairs have similar structure that let you assume a semi lying position. This type of seat is undoubtedly the most comfortable in the furniture. All of these has been thought to offer maximum comfort and different unique feeling.


Thin Frame Lounge Chair

The lounge chair can be one of incredible item without following the style of the rest of furniture. Many kinds of lounge chair of creative design emerge in endlessly, It becomes the star of relax, reading, music listening, film watching areas, or it can romantically enrich your bedroom. Unlike sofa or armchair, the only rule to place the chair is to give it some space.


Finn Juhl Pelican Chair

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