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Replica swan chair and egg chair designed by Arne Jacobsen


                 The Replica Swan chair and egg chair designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. It is manufactured by Danish furniture manufacturer Republic of Fritz Hansen.

                Our stunning modern reproduction of this Arne Jacobsen classic is as timeless as the original. The Replica Swan chair and Egg chair can be used as a lounger or as an office chair. It is elegantly designed, made to add a luxurious modern style to any office, reception area or living room. 


replica swan chair

replica swan chair

                Replica swan chair features:

                ·  Upholstered in Wool

                ·  Aluminum Rotating Base

                ·  High Density Foam Cushions

                ·  Polished Stainless Steel Base

                ·  Re-enforced Fiberglass Frame


                The replica egg chair is one of the triumphs of jacobsen’s total design - a sculptural contrast to the building’s almost exclusively vertical and horizontal surfaces. the replica egg chair is simply a beautiful chair that is not only pleasing to the eye but also very comfortable.


Arne Jacobsen egg chair - children

Arne Jacobsen egg chair - children


                Replica Egg chair features:

                ·  High Density Foam Cushioning

                ·  Molded Fiberglass Frame

                ·  Luxurious Aniline Leather

                ·  Mirror Finished Aluminum Base

                ·  360 Degree Swivel


                Replica swan chair and egg chair very comfortable and compact. Our Rrplica swan chair and egg chair is not only known for its aesthetically pleasing shape. It is a comfortable, functional piece of furniture.
                At the end of the 50s Arne Jacobsen designed the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, and for that project the Egg chair, the Swan chair, the Swan sofa and Series 3300... Buy Replica swan chair and egg chair online or find more furniture at China Yadea.



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