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Replica Pierre Paulin Orange Slice Chair from Yadea Furniture Factory




Size of it: W84*D76*H71cm

Designer: Designed by the Pierre Paulin in the year 1960

Description: Our PV039 slice chair is made of stainless steel tube, wood shells, foam and wool cashmere

Colors of cashmere available: White, black, Red, Green, blue, orange

Package of the chair: W89*D81*H75cm, 1pcs/Carton

Packing volume is: 0.54CBM/piece

Specification of steel tube: 25*2.0mm round tube

Loading capacity: 42pcs/20feet, 126pcs/40HQ

Advantages and Benefits:

1. We use thick stainless steel for the tube which are durable, and it will not lose the form after long time use.

2. The slope of the back is the same as original chair, people feel very comfortable when he seats on it.

3. We use thick card board to protect the carton, so the condition of chair can be guaranteed after long distance transportation.

4. The chair can be upholstered with leather, ponyskin except cashmere. So customers can find what they need.


Slice Chair

Keywords in the article: The Orange Slice chair PV039 was designed by Pierre Paulin in the year 1960.

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