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Replica Knoll Sofa and Knoll Furniture is made be China Yadea


                The Knoll Sofa was designed by the Florence Knoll Basset.

                Florence Knoll is an Denmark architect and furniture designer. Florence Knoll’s design flair began at the age of 14 when she designed her first home. A minimalist to the core, she pioneered the concept of open plan living and working spaces. The question Knoll asked prior to the design phase of the Classic Knoll Sofa & Chair: How can a piece of furniture support luxurious upholstery, yet take up as little space as possible? Her American interpretation of minimalist, rationalist design theories is clearly evident in her pieces. In her early years, Knoll studied under Mies van der Rohe. Some say a quick glance at the Knoll Sofa and Chair reveals the influence of Mies van der Rohe via his iconic Barcelona Lounge Chair. It is true that both the Knoll sofa and chair share a similar square button impressed cushion design. Many view the Knoll full size sofa, love and chair collection as the expression in full scale living room furniture what the Barcelona design is to the lounge category.


Knoll Sofa

Knoll Loveseat

                Florence Knoll Basset was designed so many products,include: Florence Knoll Bench, Florence Knoll Lounge Chair,Florence Knoll Rectangular Coffee Table, Florence Knoll Two-Seater Sofa, Florence Knoll Sofa.

                We are a contemporary furniture and design classic furniture manufacturer in the China.And the Replica Knoll Sofa and Knoll Furniture is one of our hot products, the peplica Knoll Sofa sells very well, and we have many dealers in all over the world.we are also develop our dealers teams, so if you have interesting to become our furniture wholesalers,please contact our customer.


Knoll Sofa

Knoll Sofa

                 Our replica Knoll Sofa is Solid wood inner frame; polished chrome outer frame; semi-aniline leather upholstery. you will not find a higher quality reproduction of the Florence. Ture to the original Knoll Sofa.



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