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Poul Kjarholm Design Furniture PK31 Armchair/Loveseat Sofa


The Poul Kjærholm PK31 Sofa was introduced in 1958. A series steeped in mid century modern history. The architecturally stunning combination of modular cushions, modular back & side panels and modular frame creates the intrigue of the piece. Aside from an entirely comfortable & practical seating application, the PK31 makes an exceptional modernism addition to the most discerning of collections.

The original PK31 was built around the concept of modular units. The idea that the difference between the single, 2 or 3 seat module is simply the introduction of the additional module. The under side of the sofa features a series of 4 high gloss polished #304 stainless steel leg frames. These give each section the visual of being an independent modular unit. From the front, the stainless steel frame runs the length of the sofa. This frame is intentionally exposed between sections on the front and back to provide the independent modular appearance for the design. Each seat module frame is constructed using traditional box framed hardwood.
Poul knew that layered module units create depth and architectural intrigue. Like the cushions, each back and side panel is independently wrapped with Dacron and foam. Next, all cushions and the entire body are upholstered in premium soft Top Aniline dyed leather. Yadea respectfully adheres to responsible standards when reproducing original designs. Details such as Frame construction, dimensions overall and within, angles, seam finish and leather selection. It is with attention to the details of the original that substantial designs like the PK31 Sofa are successfully reproduced.
PK31 Sofa
Custom Furniture Factory:
Yadea has been receiving many customers's requirement about furniture customization. These customers find Yadea through the local agencies. Because the goods in stock can not satisfy their requirements. So, Yadea open up a new product line about customization to offer best service.
Keywords in the article: The PK31 chair, designed by Poul Kjarholm,can be upholstered with full top grain italian leather.

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